Infamous Hockey sticks have been engineered for the elite youth player seeking elite gear at an affordable price (You’re welcome Mom and Dad!). Crafted with industry-leading Japanese weaved T700G 18K Carbon Fiber, the Infamous Elite 1 is not only the lightest stick on the market, but also contains precise Carbon Fiber layering to improve durability while delivering that pop you need to snipe top shelf. 

We’re so confident in our stick’s performance we offer an industry-leading 60-day No-Hassle warranty.

The Infamous Elite 1

  • 17/20/30/40 Flex
  • Length 44"/47"/52"/54"
  • Full 18K T700G Carbon Fiber
  • Available in the popular P92 and P28 curves.
  • Ultralight Variable Layer Technology 
    • At 220g/230g/270g/300g our sticks are some of the lightest sticks on the market.
  • TrueFlex Engineered
    • Each stick is precisely designed for age, weight, and height player profiles to deliver the actual flex of the stick to every one of your Superstar’s shots.
  • PowerMax Kick-point
    • Our Black-out Special Edition features a tapered hosel designed to provide a low kick point. Designed for the elite youth player to facilitate optimal power transfer to the puck.
    • The standard Elite 1 features a precise mid-kick profile 
  • 3D ProFeel Grip with full-size junior shaft
    • Raised grip on the back of the stick where your glove sits combined with a full-sized junior shaft provides maximum stick control and comfort. 3D Raised grip is only available on 20+ flex sticks.
  • E1 enhanced control-blade
    • Our stick blades are 3/4" larger than the standard youth blade. This helps captures bouncing or fluttering pucks, enhances stick handling, and delivers maximum puck control. 
    • Top-quality high-density PMI foam core, featuring two horizontal carbon fiber cross braces wrapped in reinforced T700G Carbon Fiber for optimal blade stiffness and durability.