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Strength and conditioning are important for any skater, whether that is a figure skater or a hockey player. We met with Siobhan Miller who is a Strength & Conditioning coach and asked her some questions about what young hockey players can do, with regards to strength and conditioning so they can perform their best on the ice. Q1. What are three key things for young hockey players to know about movement? 1. Building body awareness is key for not only better performance on the ice, but also for more effectively building strength and power in the gym.  2. "Move it...

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I recently spoke with Courtney King of and asked her about the number one thing that would improve your child’s skating. Here is our conversation. Karen: “Courtney, if I asked you if there was one thing a skater could do to improve their skating, what would that be?” Courtney: “Take a dance class. It’s body awareness. You need to know what your body is actually doing.  Something like ballet is all about balance, core strength, and articulating your movements to the fullest." Karen: “Does it matter what type of dance?” Courtney: “Not really.  Just anything that’s going to get...

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