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In her book ‘Be Bold! And discover the power of praise’ Susan Mitchell explains that “focusing on what you are good at builds confidence.”  It is one of those strange things that happens because often what we try and do is learn new things we want to get better at. We do that, and feel bad because we fail at achieving them. So here are four things you can do to help your child build up their confidence: Help them focus on what they are good at. As Susan says this is the key to helping your young hockey player build...

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Habits and rituals can provide a feeling of fun and community. They can also be based on fear and have negative impacts on your sons game. Where is your child sitting in regards the habits and rituals he is forming around his game?

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Children are fearless until we teach them otherwise. For your child to be a good defenseman they must first learn to be fearless on the ice and to skate.

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