Stay A Hockey Stick Apart - Buy Your T Shirt Now!

Stay A Hockey Stick Apart - Buy Your T Shirt Now!

We are in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and that hasn't stopped us getting ready to bring Infamous Hockey merchandise and sticks to you.

In the process of designing the shirts for our new brand, we discussed how our local rink has a Coaches Fund going on now because a lot of coaches are impacted right now as their full-time job is coaching hockey players and of course there is no hockey. So they have no job.

Then we realized that without support for the players, when hockey starts up again, there will be no players to coach. 

In this time of hardship, many of the players' parents have lost their jobs and will no longer be able to afford to support their son or daughter in their enjoyment of playing hockey.

With Spring hockey pretty much being canceled, in Fall who will the coaches coach?

So, we decided that we needed something to generate a fund to support youth players too so that we can get them back playing hockey once it starts up again.

The running joke we've had amongst ourselves is "Stay a Hockey Stick Apart" from each other because that's basically what we are being asked to do. Stay six feet away or to social distance.

What better logo to have on a shirt than that.  Which is where our design came from for these great, quality shirts available in late April.

Each shirt costs $20. It's a quality shirt made in Georgia, USA and is available in adult sizes small to extra large.

We are donating all of the profit from the shirts to the Youth Players fund.

Infamous Hockey is all about supporting those youth either unable to fund themselves to play hockey when they'd love to or for those who want to play and have limited resources to do so.

The Company has been founded for the community. To make hockey accessible to those who want to play it.

Purchase your T-Shirt now and support youth to have fun playing hockey again in 2020. You can pre-order your shirt and have it delivered by the end of April.

Help grow the Youth Hockey Fund. 

Your generous support is greatly appreciated.


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